Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m delighted that my sketchbook course has made you curious. Here are some fabulous frequently asked questions.

How will I get my instructions?

You will receive your instructions via video. In this video I talk to you about the creative rational behind setting the creative task, show you how to prepare, then talk you through the task whilst demonstrating. 

How long are the videos?

The videos range from 17 mins to 25 mins depending on the creative task. Once you sign up you will have permanent free access to your workshop AT ANY TIME. You can go back and watch the videos at any time as many times as you like. 

How do I access my instructional videos? 

You will create a password and log in using your email address on Ecademy’s Learning Platform. This is how you will access your instructional videos and summary sheets. I have chosen Ecademy as my online learning platform because they offer a personal service. Something I regard highly when I myself am a customer and therefore something I would want you to experience when taking my course. 

What do I do if I have technical issues? 

In the unlikely event that you have any problems accessing films you will receive fantastic support from Ecademy. One of their small team will email you back and deal with your query personally. Simply email them at

Do I receive written instructions? 

In addition to the video there is a summary sheet for each task. This is accessed in the same way as the video. On your own personal user area on the Ecademy site.

This summary sheet is not a step by step instruction sheet. Please see below.

What is on the summary sheet? 

The materials you will need for each creative task. 

Links to my carefully curated Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Key points of learning to remember.

How and why we are performing the creative task and how they link together.

How the task will help you progress.

The summary sheet is not a list of instructions, all instructions are received via your video.

You will also receive an email from me each week which prepares you for each creative task.

Do I need to keep up with the tasks? 

You don’t need to keep up. You will get set one creative task every week for 6 weeks. You can come and go as you please. I offer permanent Free access to your workshop on purchase. Giving you the freedom to complete the workshop in your own time and your own space. This also gives you the opportunity to go back and repeat any of the tasks whenever you choose, either immediately or at any point in the future.

Will I be able to go back and watch the instructions for the creative task again?

Yes. This also means once the course is finished you have open access to all the videos and summary sheets at any time. 

When do I receive my first task?

You will receive your first creative task straight away. Then 7 days from that you will get access to your next task/video. On the day you get access to your next Creative Task Ecademy will email you to prompt you to take a look at the next video.

Will I receive any one to one support?

This course is designed for remote learning.

However we have a supportive, dynamic and diverse ‘Art of the Sketchbook‘ creative community building on Instagram. Therefore if you are on Instagram, or fancy giving Insta a go use the hashtag #artofthesketchbook when posting images of your creativity (I give you advice on how to post on Insta in my emails if you are feeling shy.) 

If you post using #artofthesketchbook I can see your creativity too and will offer support where I can. 

Follow the #artofthesketchbook so that others in our Art of the Sketchbook creative community will be able to see your work too and offer their support. Which is a bit like receiving an arty hug.  You will also be able to see what others our Art of the Sketchbook community have been up to. They would love your support, so feel free to comment on their posts too. We are a many, varied and lovely bunch. 

In summary ... This course does not offer any one to one support or feedback. However, if you are really stuck do email me.

How will I know what materials to use? 

Have a look at the Kit List. This is accessed at the end of the description of this course. The kit list gives you all the guidance you need. You will also be advised on materials in your summary sheets too. Watch the 3 videos on the Art of the Sketchbook page on my website to see this in action. 

Will I be shown how to draw?

- No, this is not a drawing course. However I will be demonstrating the techniques I use when painting. Including acrylic paint, watercolour pencils, watercolours, acrylic inks, palette knives and collage. 

- This course is designed to free up your creativity and give you a sketchbook pages bursting with ideas. 

- It will also expand your knowledge and skills of materials. 

- I will show you the techniques I use in my paintings. What is most exciting is that you will discover even more techniques through your own experiments which I encourage you to create. 

- Along the way we will also explore colour theory, composition and your use of the visual elements.