Online Art Workshop - Art of Sketchbook

An inspirational online workshop designed for artists of all ages and ability levels. Six focused creative tasks encourage experimentation, creativity, curiosity and play. Taking the fear out of the blank page. 

What will I gain?
By the end of this workshop you will have a personalised sketchbook jam packed with ideas, pages you will be itching to use and the confidence to move your work forward. 

Be inspired ... 
This is an opportunity to find or build your visual language through your sketchbook. We will experiment with materials, giving you the opportunity to explore and question your distinctive use of the visual elements. Line - Shape - Tone - Texture - Form - Pattern -Colour

Why is this important? 
You  see the world through a unique combination of visual elements. Once you understand this it will give you creative clarity. Watch,‘Why do I teach creativity?’ 



How is this delivered?
Delivered through 6 engaging, instructional and informative films in which I guide you through your creative journey in your sketchbook. Including, how to build exciting and engaging sketchbook pages.
Experimenting and exploring the properties of materials. How you can use colour theory and composition in your sketchbook. There is so much to explore (more details below.)

Art of the Sketchbook is designed for:
• Artists and creative’s who want to experiment, explore and expand their sketchbook.
• Artists and creative’s of all stages and ages.
• Anyone who is curious about their creativity and would like to build a confident sketchbook.
How do I know if this is for me? 
This workshop really is suitable for any artist or curious creative at any level. 

Jane is a professional artist. 
“Art of the Sketchbook is gentle and inspiring. Mel’s warmth and creative generosity is really encouraging. I've already started developing ideas to turn into paintings. 

Art of the Sketchbook - is the perfect antidote. It is suitable for professional artists and complete beginners alike and I hope it will lead to  people everywhere dusting off their blank sketchbooks, or buying new ones, and filling them with with delicious experiments, exciting compositions and new ideas like I have. 
Thanks Mel you've really charged my flat battery”
Gaye started painting and drawing only last year. Here is her feedback on this online workshop. 
“Mel, I’m loving your online course, I really am.  I’m learning so much. I’ve discovered that when I’m ‘mark making’ I’m actually trying to create pictures rather than just marks and effects and then disappointing myself. It suddenly dawned on me when watching your 4th workshop lesson, so I’m starting again from scratch with glee!”

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Each of the six tasks has a clear focus and is accompanied by an engaging, instructional, informative film in which I guide you through your creative journey in your sketchbook. The films provide an insight into my studio practice and artistic experiences and demonstrate your creative task. Watch ‘How will I learn?’

Practical support.
Each task is accompanied by its own summary sheet. It also contains clickable links to my carefully curated Pinterest boards for inspiration.
Once a week for 6 weeks you will receive an email from me offering gentle advise and support on the creative task you are about to receive. 
A new creative task, will be sent to you every week over a 6 week period.  Once you sign up you will have free access to your workshop AT ANY TIME. Giving you the freedom to complete the workshop in your own time and your own space. This also gives you the opportunity to go back and repeat any of the tasks whenever you choose, either immediately or at any point in the future.


What are the Creative Tasks? 
We start the workshop with a creative task designed to make your sketchbook more accessible and exciting. Tackling the fear of the blank page. We then move on to exploring the properties of materials ... outside of the sketchbook. These experiments are created and used to further disrupt the blank page and help compose creative sketchbook pages. 
Finding your visual voice...
We go on to produce pages that explore and help you diagnose your unique use of the visual elements. This exercise is designed to help you find your visual voice. Watch the ‘Introduction’  where I explain this in more detail. 
Composition and colour theory.
All  while giving you practical tasks and tips on colour theory, mark making and composition, with insights into my own artistic practice.
The Creative Tasks are ...
·       Changing pages 
·       Exploring materials 
·       Disrupting the page 
·       Exploring your visual language 
Bonus Feature on mark making 
·       The creative journey continues 
Free... I gift you a seascape lesson at the end of your six lessons.
You can use whichever sketchbook you have or that takes your fancy. I demonstrate using a square Pink Pig sketchbook that contains 150 gsm paper. 
What materials do I need? 
The good news is ... whatever materials you have to hand, dry or wet e.g. pencils, pens, ink, paint ... as the creative principles apply to all. Find my suggested KIT LIST HERE.