"Am I good enough?" Art Workshops, three important questions answered honestly....

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I know a warm, safe environment is key to confidence and therefore creativity.

Will I feel out of my depth?

Honestly, I promise you, everyone without exception from beginner to professional concern themselves with this question. For people coming back to art after a gap or those with little experience, it can translate as, "will I be good enough?" Therefore, "should I do this?" Of course these fears can stop us doing something (anything) we would actually love to. My advice is this . . . I spent 3 years deciding whether I should go on Lewis Noble's Workshop in Derby. Having wanting to treat myself to his workshop for 3 years I can't tell you how excited I was to go and how much pure joy I got out of the 3 days. I can also tell you I was seriously scared stiff that my work, "would not be good enough!" So I know just how this feels . . .

Will you feel out of your depth? You might fear that you will, however very quickly this will no longer be a concern, this is because the focus in my Workshop is on experimentation and progress. You can't go wrong when you experiment, BUT what you can do is, discover new techniques, new ideas, new ways of seeing the world. You can therefore find the techniques that are best for you - there is NO emphasis on, "getting it right!" Honestly the thought of that just makes me shudder!

There is also a closed Facebook Group especially for my Workshop, Painting in the Cotswold Landscape. This gives you the opportunity to share work and ideas prior to our 3 days together. Mini, fun art tasks will allow you to experiment and explore. Sharing your findings with those who will be on the workshop with you creates trust and friendship before you meet. This enables a fantastic sense of comradery and means we all know a little bit about each other and our artwork before day one.

What will I gain from the time spent?

You will gain some time for yourself. This experience is about indulging yourself and your creativity and switching off from the everyday. Some time to focus your mind in the beautiful 42 acre setting of Hawkwood College, you will be fed lovely food, you will be surrounded by like minded people and you will feel supported.

One of the big gains that I offer is creative confidence, the feedback that I receive from my teaching is that I give those in my artistic care confidence. When we feel confident we feel free enough to take creative risks. When we start taking creative risks we start making progress. That moment when you look at your work and think . . . Did I really do that?

I offer plenty of one to one teaching because I know that my support is key to your development and provides you with information that will help your skills flourish. Each artist has their strengths and it is my job to see them and nurture them. Everyone has their own artistic path to tread.

On my Workshop the emphasis for me is always on YOUR artistic development, whatever stage you are at. I also provide clear practical demonstrations so you can learn new techniques too, this will give you new skills.

How will my Art improve?

My aim is to add to your creative tool kit, however big or small that might be. Not only will you see a change in your artwork during the 3 days, the experience I will give you will ensure that what you have learnt will keep tapping you on the shoulder. This is not just about the 3 days, it is about what you experience and learn and how that will be used in the future. That is by far the biggest gift I can give you, the confidence for you to progress your work beyond the 3 days we spend together. Those that experience my Workshop, Painting in the Cotswold Landscape tell me how wonderful the 3 days was. That time for yourself is invaluable and the skills you will gain are evergreen, they will keep flourishing and giving. So, YES your artwork will improve both on the Workshop and beyond.

So are you 'good enough?' Yes, you are.

Mel x

p.s. If you would like to read reviews of my Workshop, Google me - https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=xmUaW-GBIJCRmwWihanIBg&q=mel+cormack-hicks&oq=mel+cormack-hicks and you can read all about how past Workshopees feel about their experience.

p.p.s. For dates and availability https://artistmelcormackhicks.com/explore-workshops which also has great short video of beautiful Hawkwood College where this Workshop is set.

p.p.p.s Any questions, get in touch artistmelcormackhicks@gmail.com